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Thursday, August 05, 2010

extending the aura

Extending the Aura

Whenever you do any rituals, spells, etc. always center & ground first.

Visualize your aura as a sphere, egg, or other shape that feels right to you. If you’re doing this with a partner both of you need to center, ground, & visualize the same thing at this point. I am going to describe how to do this with a partner but the technique is the same regardless.

1. First, choose who’ll go first as the extender. The extender ‘sees’ their aura slowly (until you both get used to doing this) reach out & surround the other’s aura. If one or both of you can sense energy then you’ll also feel this happening. You must stay centered & grounded. Once you’re extended around your partner hold as long as you can concentrate for. When you retract your aura start out slowly at first or you could have a spring-back which in & of itself could cause you pain. As time goes on and you learn to control your aura you can pull it back faster but still be careful at all times.

2. After both of you have been able to hold you extended auras for at least 15-30 minutes then you can move on to having your partner push his aura against yours while you’re extended around them. Start this out slowly because if you try to push against each other’s auras too much too soon you could cause yourselves to have a headache or even become burnt-out energetically which can cause many problems. So always, start slow and light when learning to do things that involve any kind of energy. Take your time and don’t rush. You have to learn to do this & you don’t want to hurt yourself or your partner. As your partner pushes against your aura, try to keep your aura around theirs for as long as possible.

3. Another variation after having learned the first two is for both of you to extend your auras out at the same time and try to envelop each other while pushing at your partner’s aura. Whoever succeeds in enveloping the other first is the winner.

You can come up with you own versions but always remember that when you extend your aura around another person, only do so with their permission. Version 3 above is a sort of game I just came up with, I’m sure there are many others that’ll help you to learn this technique. This will help you to learn better concentration & to better access your true power. I will try to answer any questions you have about extending auras in email, I admit that I can learn new ways of extending your aura & I’m by no means an expert at it. It does work and you do need to practice it as often as you can. You can practice this with objects and other living things; animals, plants, crystals, etc.

Go with the Lady’s blessings.

Jadaja Talios

Copyright ©2010

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

some new stuff

to help cure an illness faster say these words several times
marrow to bone
bone to blood
blood to flesh
flesh to skin
skin to green wood
green wood to universe
may also be used for various other things. this is from silver ravenwolf's
american folk magick(I believe that is the title).

Jadaja Talios

Monday, October 10, 2005

2 more uploads

During the full moon say these words:
Lady of luck come out of your hidden course
Bless your light upon me as the light of the moon shines above
And in the light of luck will be blessed I, when the moon is next to be full
With the first 2 fingers or athame (if you have it with you), trace a pentagram over that item to be protected. Visualize electric-blue or purple flame streaming from your fingers/athame to form the pentagram. Say
With this pentagram I do lay
Protection here both day and night.
And to the one who should not touch
Let the fingers burn and twitch.
I now invoke the law of three:
This is my will, so mote it be.
I will try to include the auther name if I can whenever I post stuff
Jadaja Talios

Friday, September 30, 2005

elemental meditation


This is one of several versions. This meditation was inspired by the crystal meditation (power of the witch by Laurie Cabot) and the Hindu system of elements; earth, fire, wind, water, sound, light, and thought. As with all meditation have loose or no clothing on (your choice) and get into your favorite position for meditating. This meditation follows the vibrational rate of frequency of each element. This first version is for those of us who can�t see in their mind�s eye what they want to visualize.
Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
Now concentrate on something that is earthy (how dirt feels, what your favorite crystal feels like, etc�)
Concentrate on that sensation (using as many senses as you can) for as long as you can. You will eventually be able to hold onto it for as long as you want with practice.
Now concentrate on something that is watery (water itself, ice, waterfalls, rivers, etc�)
Concentrate on that sensation for as long as you can.
Next onto something airy (clouds, the feel of a feather, incense, etc�).
Concentrate on that sensation for as long as you can.
And now something that is fiery (heat from the sun, sound of a raging bon fire, etc�.).
Concentrate on that sensation for as long as you can.
Now the next three might only be able to be experienced with only one sense (depends on the person).
Think of a sound that is relaxing and pleasant to you and hear this sound. Let the sound fill your being.
Concentrate on that sensation for as long as you can.
Think of aspects of light that you can feel with needing to actually see light and let that awareness permeate you.
Concentrate on that sensation for as long as you can.
And last but not least think of something that could represent the element of thought even if it is just an idea.
Concentrate on that sensation for as long as you can.


Do as for the first version. Once you have mastered the first version you can try to use your mind�s eye to actually see each element.
Close your eyes and using all of your physical senses visualize something that represents the element of earth. (Dirt, sand, rocks, crystals, etc�)
Hold that image as long as you can.
Now do thing same thing for water (water, ice, snow, etc�).
Hold that image as long as you can.
Again do the same for air (feathers, clouds, tornadoes, etc�).
Hold that image as long as you can.
And now for fire (candle flame, lava, the sun, etc�).
Hold that image as long as you can.
Now visualize something that represents sound to you (a musical symbol, instrument, music book, etc�).
Hold that image as long as you can.
Now see something that has to do with light (light bulb, laser beam, etc�).
Hold that image as long as you can.
And lastly envision something that embodies the element of light (anything that symbolizes thought to you)
Hold that image as long as you can.


This one is going to be a bit harder than the last version.
You are going do basically the same thing as the last method but you are going to invoke the picture of each element in the shape of a number; eather-7, water-6, air-5, fire-4, sound-3, light-2, and thought-1 onto a black background.


This one is similar to the last one except you are going to use 2 different pics for each element; one for the number and one for the background behind the number. So you are going do something like visualize a rocky 7 on a leafy background.
You will not only relax but learn to concentrate better as you progress through each version. You can also make the meditation more complicated as you master each version. This is the third (and probably last) time I worked on this meditation, I kept getting new ideas to make it better and easier.

9-8-2005 Copyright � Jadaja Talios

Thursday, September 29, 2005

spell to get rid of pain

here is a spell I came up with to get rid of pain- I created it cuz I get tensions headaches and migranes but it can be used for any pain. as with any spell the power you put into it the stronger it will be.

pain,pain go away, I need you no more today.